Monday, October 20, 2008

Doug's Bike is Done!

Jason dropped off Doug's bike on Sat, so I got the headset pressed in today and gave it to Drew for some of his photo magic. Here's a couple shots.

I decided to mount the front brake for the photos, looks pretty sharp with the silver headset. If you peek through the brake you can just see the fender mount on the underside of the fork crown. I think this really cleans up the look of the fender when you don't have to use the clip included with the Honjo fenders.

The seat stays got a little tight with the cable routing and the rack mounts, but everything has it's space.

I didn't want to risk scratching the fenders, but they are painted to match with the triangular tips in white with a black pinstripe. Very classy, I look forward to seeing the bike complete when Doug gets it finished.


Biking Duluth said...

quite schnastastic! You (and your painter) do a fine fine job. Congrats on your the birth of your new baby Doug.

mcscholt said...

Is your downtube logo a different font on this frameset?

Dave Wages said...

Jason and I decided to add a white outline around my existing logo/font so that the black outline wouldn't get lost on the darker blue background. He carried the theme throughout on the seat tube pinstripe and on the tips of the fenders. You'll have to watch for pictures of the fenders on Doug's site since I neglected to take pics of them.