Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Car is Packed, Tomorrow NAHBS!

I think everything is in the car..., but you never know, I'm sure I'll be halfway through Chicago and remember something I meant to bring. Oh well!

Tomorrow morning it's off to Indianapolis, we'll get the booth set up in the afternoon and then lay low until the festivities begin on Friday morning. I'm excited to meet people in person that I've only spoken to online or over the phone. Paul contacted me a few days ago to say he's coming over from NC and bringing his built up single speed (see below). I'm excited to have it in the booth and curious to see how it looks with parts on it. I'm sure I can trust Paul's artistic instincts. ;-)
That's all for now, keep tuning in, I'll post a bunch more pictures on the blog and website after the show. If you're coming to the show, stop by and say hi!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Unseasonal Wisconsin Warmth

After a snowy December and frigid January, we had a brief reprieve from winter this past week. I managed to squeeze in a few rides and I couldn't resist taking out the road bike in spite of the layers of grit and salt on our roads.

Here's a shot Drew took on Tues. after my ride in to Ben's. Not quite as dirty as it was after the ride in last Sat. but you get the idea. The best part of my ride in to Ben's was that both days I had a howling tailwind, so I was flying without the trouble of being in shape. To top it off, Lisa came and picked me up for the ride home, so no downside to the one way trip.

I've resolved to only ride with tailwinds for the rest of the season, she'll just have to come and pick me up whatever direction the wind may take me. ;-)

Another shot of the drive train, gonna take some TLC to get that cleaned up.

Monday, February 9, 2009

NAHBS Preparations / Cirque Invitation

I was trolling around on the Cirque website last night and found this shot that Dale Brown took of me with Todd's bike at the 2008 Cirque.

Wayne Bingham, the current organizer of the Cirque, contacted me recently to ask if I would consider giving a brief talk about my experiences as frame builder. I was flattered and more than happy to accept, so look for me to be attending the Cirque again this year.

In other news, I haven't been updating the blog as much recently, but I've been pretty busy getting frames and bikes ready for the show. Stopped by Jason's today and saw both the 29'er and Steve's frame getting prepared for their paint. I'm really excited to see the color I choose for the 29'er on the bike, it's always tough to imagine the whole bike finished from the 1" x 2" color chip, but Jason assures me it'll be hot.
Here's a little teaser of Steve's frame, it's what I'm calling a "modern classic". I'll post more pics after the show, but if you can make it to Indy, stop in a check it out for yourself!