Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doug's Frame Takes Shape

Today's entry will be more of a photo essay of Doug's frame from tubes and lugs to a completed front end ready for seat stays. Those are for tomorrow.

I took shots before and after tacking.

This next set is after brazing on the left, and after soaking the flux off on the right.

Some big shots of the finished lugs.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Road Frame (part 2)

A few more shots of the blue road frame. Here's a good view of where the internal derailleur cable exits the chain stay.

I just love the angle and the curves in this one.

A good view of the bottom bracket details, the circle on the chain stay is painted in white.

This frame and some of my other work will be on display at the Chicago Bicycle Filmfest this weekend. For more info on the fest:

Monday, August 4, 2008

James' Fillet Brazed Cyclocross Frame

Finished up this fillet brazed frame today and it's off to Jason for paint tomorrow. Should be back in plenty of time for cross season.

I almost forgot how much work finishing a fillet bb shell is.

I convinced James to go with the steel fork over a carbon one. The Pacenti crown was a challenge to braze, but very stylish.

Internal top tube cable routing.

Nice smooth fillets.

Pacenti rear dropouts, clean and simple.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Road Frame

Here's the road frame I built for myself back in April. It kept getting put on the back burner for one reason or another, but it's finally ready. It's the "team" Ellis paint job.

Internal derailleur cable routing. It exits through the chainstay scallop on the dropout.