Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paul's Singlespeed

Paul's bike ready to for paint, I set it up with his wood fenders just to make sure all the clearances were good. He wanted a single speed that he could run fenders with and up to 32c tires. In order to make wheel removal easier with fenders I decided to use some of my Campy 1010a dropouts so the wheel would come out forward rather than back. It works just the way I planned too, I can just clear the bolt in the chain stay bridge when removing the wheel.

The inspector was looking over my shoulder the whole time.


Those sweet Campy dropouts, I cut off the derailleur hanger and filed the groove on the bottom of the dropout to match the non-drive side.

Some shots of the head lugs, they were a set of pressed lugs with basic windows that got pretty modified.

The seat lug got a new pinch barrel to replace the flimsy pressed one and some extra brass for shaping. The boss in the background!

Below you can see both heart cutouts on the seat lug, and the nifty canti brake stop.