Friday, October 17, 2008

Harlan's Singlespeed

Harlan's single speed is off to paint, here's some shots of the latest Ellis. I'm not normally a weight weenie, but this one came at 3.5 lbs for the frame.

I really like this fork crown for road bikes that don't need clearance for large tires. It's super clean and tight.

I positioned the internals almost at 6:00 under the top tube, this way if he wants to run it brake less you won't be able to see the cable routing at all.

Harlan wanted the classic side tack seat stays. I made the cap as long and tapered as possible.

These were some old Rivendell lugs that were saved from the trash at Waterford. I carved them back a bit and added the circles on the lug points.

Pacenti track dropouts, nice, clean and elegant. I really work to get those crisp reveals along the dropout edges.

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