Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Paul's Singlespeed

I got a good start on Paul's single speed today. The main tubes are mitered and the lugs are well on the way to being ready. I still need to prep the bottom bracket and and get the chain stays mitered, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Here's the main diamond set up in the fixture.

The lugs are a set of old pressed lugs I had been playing around with. I hadn't finished the whole set, but I showed them to Paul and he liked what he saw. I'm excited to get them brazed up and finished.

Here's the chain stays and fork tips. I did the tight retro bend on the fork blades, I really like the way these ride and absorb shock on the road.

The fork tip and rear dropout freshly brazed.

You may have noticed the old Campy dropouts with the derailleur hanger cut off, I'm using these so Paul can run fenders and not have to mess with them every time he needs to take off the rear wheel. The frame is designed to work with 32C tires and cantilever brakes for what Paul calls "urban guerrilla" riding.

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