Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kevin's Road Frame

Kevin has been waiting patiently for news of his frame for a few months, and I tried to take more pictures of the process for him.

Below I've got all the tubes, lugs, dropouts and bridge laid out and ready to start.

I've raked the blades, slotted, brazed the dropouts and cut the blades to length. Ready for...

The torch!

I've cut some circles in the lug corners and just modified the lugs a bit. Plus all the points have been sharpened up.

A bit out of order here, but below are all the tubes, mitered and the fork after brazing and a good soak.

Mitered tubes, set up in the fixture.

Bottom bracket dry fit.
Down tube miter, nice and tight!

The inspector makes an appearance!

The frame tacked up. I've checked the alignment and now it's ready for brazing.

Head lugs and seat lug after brazing.

It's soaking as I write this, I'll post more tomorrow!

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