Friday, November 6, 2009

Chad's Triathlon frame

Chad called me early this summer to ask if I could build him a unique triathlon frame. He was tired of having the same bike as everyone else week in and week out at all the races. While a steel tri frame would be unusual enough, I decided to use a technique called bi-laminate for the joints due to the unusual angles that a tri frame presents. I learned how to do the bi-laminate style while I was starting out at Serotta, but we just called them "half lugs"! Bi-laminate sounds so much more refined, right? ;-)

I've got the fork built, it's getting chromed, and then the rest of the tubes and lugs prepped and ready to go. Chad also wanted to go with polished stainless chain stays, I've got the parts above, but I brazed the main diamond up first.

Here's the finished frame, bi-lam lugs, aero seat stays, and stainless chain stays and dropouts.
I think Chad will be the only guy at the races with a frame like this!

I did a slightly different treatment for the seat stay ends, hopefully this will make it a nice clean mask line for the paint to polish transition. The stays and dropouts will be polished, but the tricky thing is, how to do the transition to paint.

Down tube lug with barrel adjuster and shifter stops on the down tube.

Seat lug with the massive aero seat stays attached.

Top tube lug.

OK, these last couple are some shots of the next frame in the quene, I got a start on it yesterday. Pretty standard road frame, some small lug carving and it'll have a stainless drive side chain stay and a chrome fork. Should be pretty classic.


retrodoug said...

Dave, this bike will make a great statement at triathlon events!!! I look forward to seeing the finished and painted final product.

Doug L.

derek z said...

May I ask who makes the downtube barrel adjuster stop?
I've been looking for something along those lines and have not located any...
Thank you!

Unknown said...
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