Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eduardo's Finished Frame

Eduardo's frame is on it's way to Colorado on Mon., here's some finished photos.

I wanted Drew to take a shot of this detail on the underside of the dropouts. I've been finishing them this way for a while, but haven't had a photo of it yet. I make a point on the bottom face of the dropout and then this gets masked along with the dropout faces. This takes care of the two most commonly chipped areas on the dropout.

The polished stainless head lugs with the head tube logo painted on. Jason has mastered the plotter, so now my logos are paint rather than the black and white decal. This way, they can be customized to match any paint scheme!

Finally, the polished fork crown. I like this shot, if you look closely in the reflection, you can see the frame sitting on the table opposite. Pretty shiny!

More soon!

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Shamouti said...


Comments on the fork crown:

It's a stunning comparison to the Tommasini Tecno that had been made for years in Italy. That unicrown shape and top notch masking by Jason rivals many of the great Italian builders today.

Great Job!

John Martinson