Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kevin's Finished Frame #24

Just finished up Kevin's frame yesterday afternoon and dropped it off with Jason. A very classic, simple road frame.

I tried a new bottom bracket on this one. It starts out life with fleur de lis' on all the points and a couple points on the sides of the down tube and seat tube. I carved it back a ton, and I'm pretty happy with the finished shell. I always add a second drain hole with the cable guide mounting hole.

The full frame and fork. Kevin's going to have it painted black with a white panel on the down tube, black lettering and a white head tube logo. Very stripped down and minimal.

I resisted using this seat lug for a while, as it reminds me of the Serotta Atlanta, which was the lower end model I built quite a few of during my time at Serotta. The Serotta lugs had an "S" cast into the flat side panel and I just got tired of the look. Last year I decided to use this lug on my "Modern Classic" for the NAHBS, since it matched the head lugs and it is ideal for mounting the fastback style seat stays. Since then, I'm warming to it's shape, and I'm using it more and more with the 1 1/8" head lugs from Long Shen.

Some added touches in the lug corners, and I've carved the band a bit also.

The Ellis dropouts with skinny seat stays attached! When I use these dropouts with 953, the stays really engulf the dropout ends, but with a standard 14mm double taper stay, the ends are so dainty! I must say, I prefer the thinner look, and they ride really nice too.

A final shot of the fork dropouts, nice and tidy!

Should have pics soon of Eduardo's frame. If you've been watching the blog, you'll remember he had the compact frame with stainless head lugs, seat lug and fork crown. He chose a beautiful shade of orange for the frame and it's completed with white panels and red pinstripes and Ellis logos. Quite stunning!

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