Monday, November 29, 2010

NAHBS 29'er

Ever since I sold my original 29'er (the yellow one), I've been thinking about how I'd build my next one.

Then, this past year I built this one for Rob, and he wanted it to be able to run either a suspension fork or the carbon Niner fork that it's shown with. He also wanted to mimic the "look" of his classic Paramount lugged mountain bike. Once I finished building his frame, I knew that this was what I wanted my next frame to look like. The bi-laminate lugs do double duty as an aesthetic element and as a gusset on the down tube.

Well, here's the newest Ellis 29'er, almost ready for paint. I'm just waiting on a couple cable guides and braze ons to get this one finished and ready for paint.

The bi-laminate head tube with an extra long "gusset" for the down tube.

Seat cluster with the Salsa collar.

I've been using this bottom bracket shell quite a bit lately. It's the same one that Wayne's bike got, with a 34.9 XL down tube, and a standard 28.6 seat tube. I have to do a bit of metal work to get the chain stay sockets lined up for the s-bend chain stays, but I really like using the lugged shell. It carries the lugged look through the whole bike and it is the final mask line on the down tube so I can do a similar paint job to Rob's bike.

Finally, the Paragon chain stay mount disk brake dropouts.

I've got a Rock Shox fork on the way for this one, some parts from Shimano, and I'm getting excited for this one. The only problem will be keeping it looking pristine for the show in Feb.!




ecycled said...

Dave. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it painted (and winning best of show at the 2011 NAHBS).

Dave Wages said...

Let's not get carried away!