Monday, July 5, 2010

Sydney's Finished Frame

The little bi-lam frame is all finished up. I love doing these smaller frames since folks who ride them usually have to put up with a bunch of geometry compromises on "stock" frames. I can make each fork and frame fit perfectly together, and the end product is going to perform so much better.
I've been doing this lug detail on quite a few frames recently, and I really like the way the fork crown mimics the frame detail.

Bi-lam seat lug with sidetack seat stays and you can just see the internal cable routing. On little bikes, the internal really sends the housing out in a nice arc to the brake. Just hugs the seat post.

I've been brazing on a stainless washer for the brake mount, so the paint doesn't get chipped up.
Finally, the Ellis dropouts, really thinned back for such a small frame.

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