Monday, June 28, 2010

Sydney's Bi-Lam Frame

Here's the tubes all laid out for Sydney's new frame. She's a fairly small, light rider, so I'm going with some really light, standard gauge tubing and it'll be bi-laminate to accommodate a sloping top tube.

Starting to work on the top tube lug.

I have to do any lug carving before I cut the top tube socket off, or I'd have no way to hold onto the lug.

A quick shot of the head tube with the bi-lam lug setup.

A close up of the lugs and bits.

Everything is mitered and prepped, ready for the fixture and tacking.

The head tube, post braze. (still hot!)

After a nice soak in the tub!

And finally, after some quality time with the files and emery!

Be back on Wed. with more pics as the rest of the frame gets finished up.

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