Monday, July 5, 2010

Paul's Modern Classic

Paul sent me some pics this past week of his new "Modern Classic" in the wild!

Should've gotten my "studio" photos of this one up sooner, but here they are. More are posted on the website under the title "Blue Goodness"!

Paul wanted the same look as the "Modern Classic" that won best lugged frame at NAHBS in 2009, but since he was going to be fitting a rack and fenders I choose to use standard tubing instead of 953 for the rear end and have it chromed. The 953 chainstays and seat stays are just too thin for my taste on a touring bike.

A good shot of the new double eyeleted Ellis dropouts.

The seat cluster and seat stays get a lot of detail work with the lug carving and the sleeved seat stays.

Some more finished bike shots. Nice to see he's not afraid of getting it wet!

Ride on Paul!

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