Friday, July 9, 2010

More 29'er Pics

A few more pics of Rob's new 29'er. Here's a nice shot of the custom bent brake bridge and seat stays. Those top miters on the stays are always fun to hand miter, but they're plenty tight.

A shot of the bi-lam seat lug. I used an externally butted seat tube and just brazed the socket on for the top tube.
The bottom bracket is originally a road shell, but with a little gentle persuasion, the sockets got a bit angled.

Finally, the sweet chainstay disk mount Paragon dropouts. Really liking these!



Anonymous said...

Those dropouts are great:)

gobucky said...

I'm curious as to why you chose to design this with a seatpost clamp versus the usual design.

Also, is that simply a silver/white paint scheme or is there some special treatment going on there to make that nice silver metallic?