Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Car is Packed, Tomorrow NAHBS!

I think everything is in the car..., but you never know, I'm sure I'll be halfway through Chicago and remember something I meant to bring. Oh well!

Tomorrow morning it's off to Indianapolis, we'll get the booth set up in the afternoon and then lay low until the festivities begin on Friday morning. I'm excited to meet people in person that I've only spoken to online or over the phone. Paul contacted me a few days ago to say he's coming over from NC and bringing his built up single speed (see below). I'm excited to have it in the booth and curious to see how it looks with parts on it. I'm sure I can trust Paul's artistic instincts. ;-)
That's all for now, keep tuning in, I'll post a bunch more pictures on the blog and website after the show. If you're coming to the show, stop by and say hi!


F.W. Adams said...

Sounds fun--I'll be sitting at a desk, instead of wandering around looking at all those cool bikes. Post pics!



mcscholt said...

Congrats on the award Dave! Much deserved.

Unknown said...

I heard about the award as well. Nice Work Dave. See you soon.