Friday, February 13, 2009

Unseasonal Wisconsin Warmth

After a snowy December and frigid January, we had a brief reprieve from winter this past week. I managed to squeeze in a few rides and I couldn't resist taking out the road bike in spite of the layers of grit and salt on our roads.

Here's a shot Drew took on Tues. after my ride in to Ben's. Not quite as dirty as it was after the ride in last Sat. but you get the idea. The best part of my ride in to Ben's was that both days I had a howling tailwind, so I was flying without the trouble of being in shape. To top it off, Lisa came and picked me up for the ride home, so no downside to the one way trip.

I've resolved to only ride with tailwinds for the rest of the season, she'll just have to come and pick me up whatever direction the wind may take me. ;-)

Another shot of the drive train, gonna take some TLC to get that cleaned up.

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