Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Winter Bike

The old cross bike is setup for the crappy weather to come. I fitted up a set of Honjo fenders along with some 32c Vittoria Randonneur Hyper's to deal with the sketchy road conditions, and I added a front and rear light for those nights where the sun sets at 4:00pm! I managed to get out for a couple rides, and while it's not the fastest bike in the world, it still has plenty of get up and go. I sometimes forget how much I like this bike.

Once I get some winter shoes, I'll switch the pedals for some SPD's, but other than that, I hope I'm pretty much set to go.



Doug said...

I think everyone that lives in the snowbelt should have a winter bike and get rid of the indoor trainer. However, I think you're the only one that will be riding one of your beautiful frames in the winter slop. If I could afford to build up an Ellis winter bike, I'd be riding it already. I guess I can dream.

Although, my winter bike does have a Dave Wages frame modification on it!

Steve said...

I think you should all move to Cali and ride in the sun all winter.

Rich said...

Dave . . . I did the same with my cross bike but used zip-ties to fasten the from of the rear fender since the cross bike doesn't have a chain-stay bride. How did you fasten the front of your rear finder? Rich Ellis (La Crosse, WI)

Zoey said...

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