Monday, February 21, 2011

Travis' Rando

Well, Travis made the drive over from MN on Saturday, and we managed to get all the lights and wiring dialed in. Then I finished running all the cables and got the bars taped today. It's ready for the show!
I'll just give you a tour of a couple of the highlights! To see it up close, stop by my booth at NAHBS this weekend!

I used the Schmidt SONdelux front hub, it has the contact built into the front drive side dropout, so no plugs to worry about, just install the wheel correctly and your generator is ready to go. The dropouts are stainless plate, so I finished them with slightly raised points and Jason masked the whole dropout.
The custom front rack with internal wire routing and Edelux front light, super bright!

We made all the wiring connections and then slid them up inside the steerer tube. All that's visible is a small wire heading into the frame for the taillight.

That's all for now, I'll see you in Austin!




gobucky said...

Ok, I'm intrigued. Does the generator store energy for use with the light later, or is more like the idea behind the 1970s' style generator with the energy generated from the rim relative to the speed you were traveling? (and yes, I had one). What components are used for the crank and rear derailleur? Can't quite see that close. And how does he pick this bike over the other one? And now, just to hog the comments a little more, how many bikes or frames are heading towards Austin?

Travis said...

No the generator only produces energy when the headlight is turned on. For safety there are capacitors in the head and taillight that store energy so the lights stay on for a few minutes when you are stopped. The derailleurs are Campy Veloce and the crank-set is a Velo Orange Grand Cru 50.4. That is a great question I have been pondering myself. This bike will get way more use right away for sure then?
Oh I think he has 4 complete bikes and one frame in the raw. He had a couple of the bikes there Saturday and they are head turners.



Dave Wages said...

Thanks for answering that one Travis! You're right on about the bikes, 4 of them, and I'll have one painted frame and a "raw" frame. Everything is packed, I just gotta pick up the trailer and get everything in there and safely situated.


gobucky said...

Ah ha, velo orange. I knew it looked vaguely familiar!

Good luck Dave and may you win more awards and get more business!