Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Gotta See This!

Last weekend, my friend and customer Chris flew into WI for a couple days to build up his Ellis NAHBS bike and while here, he shot a bunch of photos and video of me working on my "raw" frame for NAHBS. Well, here's the finished product; I hope I'm not getting too full of myself, but I can't stop watching this, really really cool!



jimi said...

Too cool. Thanks for sharing. -jimi

gobucky said...

Complete with Beethoven (I think - or Mozart, familiar anyway.)

YOu should get permission to put that on a loop at your shows.

Anonymous said...

Watching that leads me to ask how many hours it takes to build a standard road frame - by standard I mean not a rando/tourer - assuming no polished lugs, etc.?

DavidMajk said...

Just met Dave at the NAHBS today in Austin. I very much enjoyed talking to him and the other folks at his booth and was delighted by his work. Enjoyed this video too. BTW, gobucky, in case it's been bugging you, the music is the overture from Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute.