Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ellis at Chicago Patagonia

Well, for the second year running, the nice folks at Patagonia in Chicago have invited me to display one of my bikes during the Holiday season. I decided to show off the "vintage" Campy Record bike that I displayed at this past year's NAHBS in Richmond.

While I was in Chicago dropping the bike off, I had a chance to catch up with James Lalonde, my former cross racer extraordinaire! He works just a couple blocks away from the Patagonia store at SRAM's headquarters. He offered to swing by the Patagonia store after the bike was up to take some pictures. Thanks, James!

The bike will be in the window until just after the holidays, so if you'd like to stop by and check it out, or just buy some awesome Patagonia gear, you can find directions to the store through the link on this post.




Anonymous said...


Great to see that bike again. It defines the term "modern classic."

Dave Wages said...

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the love, now if I could just bring myself to ride those parts! Gotta keep 'em NOS!

Anonymous said...

That can't be the real Dave Wages writing that. Not after the crap he gave me about a certain painstakingly restored 84 Colnago I can't bring myself to ride.

Dave Wages said...

We've all got out own crosses to bear! I've gotta ride it at this year's Cirque, just once, I'll experience the "slowing" power of Delta brakes!