Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Inspector / Show Displays!

We've had a couple sunny but cold days here after 10-12" of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Inspector managed to sneak out and check out the damage while I dragged one of my show displays out for pictures.
After much woodworking and finishing, the displays are done. Each one will accommodate two bikes, one on either side with the drive sides facing out. The lug design on the front was tedious, but I think it turned out pretty cool.

Just talked to Jason and 2 of the frames for the show are almost done. Hopefully he can squeak out my frame for the vintage Campy parts, but if not, it'll have to wait for the Cirque in June.

More soon,



gobucky said...

Wait, wouldn't the inspector fall below the height of the snow?

Dave Wages said...

She's surveying it from her level! Luckily for her, the driveway and sidewalks are melted and passable.