Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paul's Modern Classic, Finished.

Paul wanted his Ellis to be a light touring frame with the same look as last year's NAHBS winning frame. I was hesitant to use 953 for the rear end if he was going to be carrying a load, so instead I'm going to have the chain stays and seat stays chromed along with the fork. The lugs are all carved, and the head lugs will be polished stainless.

I used the Pacenti Artisan lugs for the head tube and had a bit more length on the points to work with. I still need to braze on the head tube cable guides after the lugs are polished.

Nice clean fastback seat lug.

Seat stays are sleeved and carved. This way I can use a heavier lower stay and still have the clean fastback at the top.

The new Ellis double eyelet dropouts. These are 4130 steel,,rather than 17/4 stainless so they can accept chrome.

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