Monday, August 17, 2009

Complete Bikes!

Juan sent me this cool shot of his Ellis all built up and it got me thinking, how about a bunch of complete bike shots?

Here's a close up of the head lugs and fork crown. Gotta love those hammered Honjos!

Here's the cross frame all prettied up with a fresh coat of paint. I've been commuting on this one, but I'll have to take some more photos once it's cross ready. I've got the old Helium's set up and cross tires already glued on!

Last summer I took some shots of my single speed in the late afternoon sunlight.

Here's a couple of Paul's single speed from this year's Cirque. It took runner up in the Single peed/Track category. Many thanks to Paul for not only bringing it to the Cirque, but also making the trip to Indianapolis with it so I could show it at the Handbuilt Bike Show!

Josh came up from LaCrosse for the Velo Duluth Century in July and Doug R. snapped this shot of his Ellis. Josh is still using toe clips and straps, but it doesn't stop him from really motoring, he finally bid us farewell at the 40 mile point and pushed on ahead to try and finish early.
He's a tough cookie!

Finally, Doug's beautiful light tourer. I pulled this one off his blog, I enjoy checking in periodically and seeing where Doug's been riding and checking out his beautiful photos. Thanks again to Doug for his hospitality on my recent visit to Duluth.

Alright!, that's it for now. If you've got an Ellis and it's not pictured, send me some photos pronto! If you have and I didn't post them, send angry letters now! ;-)


gobucky said...

Ok, Dave, I have to ask: What size bike do you ride? It looks like a 60-62?

And related to the prior post, what is the height of the person for whom you are making the 48 cm? Is that the smallest you've ever made?

Dave Wages said...

If I rode a standard level top tube, it would probably be in that range (60-62).

As for the 48cm, the rider is 5'2" tall. It's probably close to the smallest Ellis, but I've built much smaller bikes at Waterford and Serotta.