Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Juan's Cross Bike

The latest Ellis is a cyclocross bike for Juan. We decided to use Sachs' Rene Singer stainless lugset and it's going to have all the lugs polished except the bottom bracket.

All the parts mitered and ready for the fixture. If you look close you can see how I modified the lugs to allow for the tight angles. The cutouts in the spoons of the lugs allow them to be "massaged" to slightly different angles.

The fixture, on the left, the tubes mitered, and on the right the lugs are on and set. On the right, you can see the inspector stopped by to make sure everything is OK.

The fork parts ready to load into the fork fixture, and the fork after brazing.

After some quality file and emery work, the front dropouts looking sharp.

Ellis Cycles #13.

Head lugs all finished and ready for polishing. You can see the circular cutouts on the spoons of the lugs.

Rear dropouts and bb shell.

The seatlug, I'm going to braze on the cable guide and rack mounts after polishing.

Keyhole detail on the front of the headlugs. The fork crown is also stainless and will be polished.


Unknown said...

Wow, gorgeous!

Question: is that a magnet you are using to hold the rear brake housing stop in place?

Unknown said...

Yes, that's a magnet!
Works great.

Who wants the see the Suntour name defiling work this nice, though? Fill that in, or get some made from cr-mo or other quality plate maybe?

I'd bet SRAM would provide a free semi-circular decal if you'd use it...

Dave Wages said...

Brian, don't badmouth the Suntour dropouts, they're quite nice. I have a stash of Campy fronts without eyelets also and they're nowhere near as clean as these Suntours. I'm gonna use them until I run out, and that will be a sad day. They don't make slot dropouts this nice anymore!

And yes, that is a magnet.

Unknown said...

did you stop working or just stop updating your blog? I anticipate something new everyday. Wil