Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doug's Frame Takes Shape

Today's entry will be more of a photo essay of Doug's frame from tubes and lugs to a completed front end ready for seat stays. Those are for tomorrow.

I took shots before and after tacking.

This next set is after brazing on the left, and after soaking the flux off on the right.

Some big shots of the finished lugs.


Boz said...

I cant wait to see Doug actually ride this work of art. He deserves all the care and attention you're lavishing on his new ride!

Biking Duluth said...

I've done some metal work in the past, but nothing to this degree. I can appreciate the talent you have- GREAT work. I can tell Doug is just giddy with anticipation. I'll have to meet up with him when it gets in. Hopefully before the snow starts to fly :) haha...
Looks great!

Dave Wages said...

Working with Doug has been a real pleasure, and his excitement about the project is really the reason I love building on my own. It's nice to share all the details with the rider and feel their enthusiasm as the project progresses. Have to give a shout to Todd R. also, he's the owner of the white fixie, I couldn't have asked for a better customer!