Monday, August 4, 2008

James' Fillet Brazed Cyclocross Frame

Finished up this fillet brazed frame today and it's off to Jason for paint tomorrow. Should be back in plenty of time for cross season.

I almost forgot how much work finishing a fillet bb shell is.

I convinced James to go with the steel fork over a carbon one. The Pacenti crown was a challenge to braze, but very stylish.

Internal top tube cable routing.

Nice smooth fillets.

Pacenti rear dropouts, clean and simple.


Gomez308 said...

Bad ass.

Bstone said...

Is the Pacenti crown used for a mountain bike? It looks like a lot of clearance for a cross bike. I luckily have one of the Ritchey crowns from the last MB1s built.

Dave Wages said...

I think Kirk is working on a smaller version that crown, but I can't imagine too much clearance being a problem on a cross bike.