Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Huge Snowstorm

Well, as I'm writing this we are being pummeled by a major blizzard. Lisa and I have now shoveled the driveway 3 times and it's still coming down. Probably 10" so far. You can see our neighbor on his trusty plow, unfortunately we're still using shovel technology, and running out of places to put the snow.

As far as Ellis Cycles is concerned, I am incorporated as of last Friday. Now I just have to get insurance and I am a for real business. My brother Steve has also made progress on the website, I now have the domain name registered and the site is soon to follow. Had some good conversations with tubing suppliers this past week as well, I hope to be keeping them busy soon.

Dropped off drawings for my alignment plate fixturing at the machine shop on Monday, they were really helpful and hopefully I'll be getting the parts back by the end of next week.

Just for a little taste of spring I thought I'd leave you with some photos of the iris garden that inspired my logo.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new venture. Stay after it!

Victor Anthony