Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Going to Frostbike

In case any folks out there are planning on attending Frostbike at QBP (Quality Bicycle Products) I will be there as well. My brother's making some Ellis Cycles t-shirts, so if you see one and want to know more feel free to ask. It'll be my first visit to Quality, and I've heard it's and impressive operation, looking forward to checking it out.

On to the shop, I'm set to pick up all my alignment plate parts tomorrow from the machine shop, I'll post photos once everything is put together, but now the only thing I'm waiting on are tubes for frame #1. I ordered an extra set for my own bike, a single speed road bike. I'll post photos of both bikes as they come together, and get more up on the website.

Here's some shots of a frame I built for my sister-in -law Maggy last fall.

The head lugs are pretty basic just thinned out and the little circle cutout in the corner. Simple, but I love that look.

The rear dropouts are Ritcheys, but I ground them back quite a bit and did a little artsy touch on the ends.

The bottom bracket, I like the little reinforcements on the chainstay bridge.

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Dirk said...

Dave, you're on it! I remember seeing my "Ellis Waterford" when it came into the paint prep area at the factory--It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen--it's my favorite bike. Enjoy QBP and be sure to check out their wheel assembly area--amazing.