Thursday, May 26, 2011

Classic Rendezvous!

It was only a short 14 hour drive to Greensboro, NC this weekend for the Classic Rendezvous this past weekend, but completely worth it! Got to see some old friends and do some nice rides in the warm weather that so far has been lacking in WI.
Wayne and I posing with our Ellis frames and outfits!

Sydney and I with my large white Ellis and her "petite" Ellis.

At Sunday's swap and show I shared the love with some Ellis t-shirts. Scott's got his, when are you gonna get one!

Thanks to Dan for sharing his photos with me, there's lots more at the Classic Rendezvous website here;

I'll have some pics of the latest Ellis' soon!



Saint-Gervais son said...

Dave...I believe the offical term was "baby Ellis"

Great weekend, nice to see you


Dave Wages said...

Somehow "baby Ellis" seems a little condescending? I think Sydney did the "petite Ellis" proud.

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