Friday, April 22, 2011

Dirt Road Bike in it's Natural Habitat!

After I had built my first DRB (Dirt Road Bike) last fall, I decided to tweak the design just a bit and make one that would be my full time road bike for the upcoming season. This worked out great for Carl, he had just moved to Western Mass, home to lots and lots of dirt roads. I shipped the yellow beauty off to him last winter, and now it's happily traversing the gravel and dirt roads just like it was designed to do!



gobucky said...

I see that road and it almost looks like the carriage road at Lake Minnewaska State Park down in New Paltz. But it probably isn't. Man I do miss those mountains of western Mass.

Carl said...

If I knew you were going to post the picture, I would have used something other than my phone. Anyway, the road is North Main Street in Lanesborough. It eventually joins Rockwell Road and climbs Mount Greylock. The bike (with 32s and low gearing) is perfect for Bershire dirt.

Dave Wages said...

I love that that's Main Street!

I'm looking forward to D2R2, see you there.

jpflorance said...

Looking forward to seeing the JoFlo iteration of the DRB!

FrEindz4 eVer said...

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