Monday, October 5, 2009

Selena' frame finished! Eduardo's in process

Selena's frame just shipped out today! Drew's pictures are great, but this scheme is very subtle, it's hard for the pictures to do it justice.

I did a slight point on the seat stay caps and just wrapped them a bit on the lug.

A couple cool shots of the dropouts.

Eduardo's bike is next up, I didn't take any early photos, so here's the front end almost completed. The seat lug, both head lugs and the fork crown are stainless on this, one, so I'll have the seat lug pre polished before I braze the stays on.

Just fitting up the chain stays and figuring out how long the seat stays are gonna be. Also slotted the stays and got them fitted up, so when it's done at polish, I can get the rear end on pretty quickly.

Dropouts and bottom bracket.

Seat and head lugs. Ready to get shiny!

And last, but certainly not least, the results of Stem Fest 2009!
More soon!


Doug said...

Breathtaking.....all of it!

Unknown said...

fine work as always Dave