Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stem Fest 2009!

The Inspector has been taking advantage of these warm autumn days to get in some beauty sleep on the front porch!

Meanwhile, in the shop, a strange double ended stem is taking shape?

I know, I should take more photos of the process, but I get on a roll and I forget. They're starting to look more like real stems below. One is for my old friend Tom, he's been incredibly patient while I built him one stem that ended up having some pitting issues, and now while the replacement comes together. I figured since I'm already building one stem, why not do one for the show bike I'm planning for NAHBS 2010. (The rest of the bike is top secret!) ;-)

Above, finished with 80 grit. Below, all the small pinholes have been filled and they're finished to 380 grit. Ready for chrome! I also found a use for my SRAM Red crank bag, once the crank is on the bike, what the heck else do you use it for?!


Steve said...

The inspector looks so docile, but some of us know better!

Travis said...

How about my picture link, I do not think you have posted it yet The bike still rides great I may need another in a bit but I also want the cat and a stem this time. Travis

Dave Wages said...

Good to hear from you Travis, I was wondering where you ended up? Glad to hear the Ellis is still doing you proud. We'll have to talk about a deal for the stem and cat sometime!

Travis said...

I ended up in Texas, do not really know for sure why but I can ride year round now. I will e-mail you soon I still need to pick up a jersey and bibs, maybe a stem.