Monday, December 29, 2008

Paul's Singlespeed

Jason finished up the paint on this one before Christmas, it's just taken a while for me to get the pictures up. It's a singlespeed for Paul, and he wanted to be able to run fenders and wider tires, hence the long slot Campy dropouts and the cantilever studs.

Paul had really wanted a cream colored frame, it was just a matter picking a contrasting color for the head tube and seat tube panels. He's going to run gold TRP cantilevers, so we tried to match them as closely as possible. I'm really pleased with the combination.

The fork is pretty simple with just a single threaded hole on the back of the crown for mounting the fender.

The headlugs were a set of pressed lugs that I modified heavily.

Hearts all around!

I hope to have a few more photos soon, stay tuned!


mcscholt said...

Beautiful work Dave!

painter46 said...

Dave, I'm nearly finished with the build and hope to get photos soon! Last part was the brake cables. I went with Jagwire's braided bronze, which is in transit now. (I tried white, but the difference against the cream was jarring. Duh! - and me an artist!)
I'm building it in my wife's studio, just beyond our bedroom, so sneak in there each night for some caressing and ogling before turning in for sleep!
- Paul