Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paramount Restoration

Here's a 1972 Paramount track frame that has seen better days. It's had a nice front end collision and has been sitting around ever since.

I always like doing these jobs because they almost always look better after the repair than they did when they were new.

Some closer shots of the head lugs, you can see the tube has completely pulled away from the down tube lug. After pulling the tubes out, I found that the whole bottom spoon area of this lug was charcoaled and had no braze whatsoever.

The seat lug is also a little rough finishing wise, I'll try to fix this as much as possible, but with the seat stays in the way it's a little tricky.

Vintage Paramount decals. These are water release, so when I soaked the flux off, they got a little jacked.

The tubes are out and I've cleaned up the seat tube and bottom bracket sockets. Now I just need to miter my front end tubes and clean up the head lugs.

After some careful file work the head lugs are presentable.

And now I've got the tubes mitered up.

Post braze, pre soak.

After some quality time with the files and emery it's read to see the road, (or track) again.

The lug edges are nice and crisp now. Just how I like em.

Below is a nice before and after of the seat lug. The profile of the lug is a bit off before, (understatement), I tightened it up a bit, and while I was at it I tried to even up the keyhole at the bottom of the seat post slot.


Unknown said...

Saving those lugs was a feat in and of itself. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work Dave and well worth doing too, saving a beautiful old bike. Bravo!