Monday, August 30, 2010

Sydney's New Ellis

I'll have more pics of this one on my website soon, but here's a few of the highlights.

Sydney is a fairly petite rider, so we decided to go as light as possible with standard gauge tubing and some ultra light S3 chain stays. The frame alone came in just over 3 lbs.

In order to accommodate the gently sloping top tube, I used the bi-laminate lug technique. The head tube has "half-lugs" and then the top and down tube are fillet brazed into them.
The seat cluster is also bi-laminate, and you can see the exit hole for the internal and the stainless washer on the brake bridge to eliminate paint chipping.

Can't forget the signature Ellis dropouts as well. Pretty thinned out on a frame this small, but still plenty strong.



Mick Peel said...

Beautiful work Dave, I've been admiring it for some time now.

Dave Wages said...

Thanks Busyman!