Monday, May 10, 2010

Mike's Road Frame

The last week as been pretty busy. My folks came in for a visit on Mon. and I tried to juggle work and doing some fun stuff with them as well.

We returned last night from Horicon Marsh Bird Festival. While Lisa and I are rather casual bird watchers, my parents are becoming quite the experts with many trips to bird watching spots all over the world. A couple of the highlights of this weekend were seeing a Whooping Crane and a Glossy Ibis.

OK, now back to business. I got as much work done on Mike's frame as I could this past week, so here's the progress. I'm finally back to a "normal" lugged frame, and while I enjoy the bi-laminate bikes, it's nice to get back to lugs. Mike has already decided that he wants his frame to be painted exactly like Kevin's black road frame with just a white panel on the down tube. It'll be a very clean, classic bike with a level top tube. He did opt for the internal top tube cable routing which you can see if you look closely below.

Not too many process photos, here's the head lugs after brazing and finishing. I added a 10mm head tube extension on top.

The Ellis dropouts with the seat stays dry fitted.

Finally, the whole frame with the stays mitered and dry fit. Not too much left to do, just braze the seat stays, add all the small bits and finish!


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