Friday, May 1, 2009

Brad's Frame / New Ellis Dropouts

I finished up Brad's frame yesterday, but it can't go to paint without the inspector's OK.

Brad wanted a bike he could do long rides on, with or without a rack and fenders. As you can see, he's not a little guy, so we went with canti's to slow the whole thing down.

I cut the lugs similar to the NAHBS bike for my brother. No stainless lugs on this one though.
I did get a new batch of Ellis dropouts made with eyelets. I've got to thank Scott in Wausau again for his help getting these from the drawing to reality so fast!
You can see they have a bit of a texture to them, it's the normal finish that 17/4 stainless comes from the mill with, I kinda like it. Also, check out the finishing on the bottom of the dropout, this bottom face will be masked at paint and remain raw stainless so when an axle hits it, no more chipped paint.

Finally, some shots of the front dropouts and fork crown.

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