Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alignment table!

I have found my alignment plate. This was one of the tougher things to locate, but I talked to a local salvage guy who had just the thing. It's an old steel surface plate that has holes drilled for some sort of machine to be mounted to it. I'm sure I can work around the holes, now the trick is going to be getting this 4'x3' chunk of steel down the stairs to the basement. It probably weighs at least 400lbs.

I found this old drawing with my high school art projects. I wasn't enamored with Ellis, my middle name back then, so I chose Ebony instead. Since then I've grown to like the name I inherited from my great-Grandmother and have chosen it for my company name. I probably drew this around '87 for art class. Yes, I'm a bike geek from way back, you'll also notice it's a lug bike. In those days I dreamed of designing my own bikes and specing them with all the top end parts, but drawing them was the closest thing I could get. My parents probably threw out all the parts lists for these bikes, but I had them spec'd down to the spoke nipples. I still love the Campy Delta brakes to this day, I remember the first time I saw them on the back page of Bicycling magazine. I was starting to get into cycling seriously and they kind of cemented the love not only for riding but also for just how beautiful a bike can be.

Well, enough reminiscing, tomorrow I have to work on my fork bending ramp, make some wood blocks for various tubes and locate some of the remaining tools for the shop. I post some photos of the progress soon.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations setting out on your own. I want to do the same thing. Good luck!

Unknown said...

now dave, if you used your last name your slogan could be:
"you've paid your dues, now its time to get your Wages".

Unknown said...

490.0608 lbs.